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If you just want to say hello or leave a message on my website, you can do so right here. Just type in the box below.


46 thoughts on “Guest Book Page

  1. Ellie scrivens says:

    Hello I’m Ellie scrivens,
    You are coming to my school, Mitcheldean endowed primary school. Sadly I won’t be able to see you because I’m going on holiday with my nan.I’v read Viking Vic and the big fight, I think its brill.



    1. Shoo Rayner says:

      Hi Ellie,
      Sorry you won’t be there. Hope you have a fabulous holiday with your Nan.
      Shoo Rayner

      1. Joe says:


      2. Jordan says:

        Hi Jacob its Jord from your class I will see you inn school tomorrow, see you later alegater!

  2. jacob says:

    Hi Shoo Rayner

    I hear you are going to my school in 2 weeks. we’ve got a shoo rayner box in our class and have read tigers family and viking vic

    See ya
    Jacob AG

      1. Jordan Howard says:

        Hi shoo rayner it is Jordan the BOY that was
        by you when i was waiting for my mum to go home and get some money today so I could buy some of your books,i will keep on reading your books for ages and i will keep talking to you on this website, bye for now, Jordan


      2. Shoo Rayner says:

        Hi Jordan. Glad you like my books. There are a lot of them to read! All the best

        Shoo Rayner

      3. Jordan Howard says:

        Hi shoo its Jord agane i have just read monster boy and the mummy menace
        i will be back on here later


    1. Jordan Howard says:

      Hi Jacob its Jord i have just got ready for school i will see you in school your mate Jordan Howard

  3. ollym says:

    hi shoo

    heard your comeing to mitchledean school any way ive read some of your amazing books viking vic and big fight.

    from olly

      1. Emeline says:

        hi shoo rayner

        i have got all of the ricky rocket books
        on my christmas list to
        friends & family and i’m realy looking
        foard to reading them and you came to my school
        when i was in it “longlevens infant school”

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hello Shoo, Thank you very much for visiting us at Parc Primary School. We really enjoyed your visit! Keep up the great work! x

  5. sophie dawson says:

    hello Shoo Rayner i will see you on monday i am doing a biograhy about you and im going to interview you next week
    best wishes
    Sophie Dawson from Mitcheldean endowed Primary school

      1. Paige says:

        Hi shoo its page i just decided to come o here and talk to you because i have a bit of spere time

  6. Jaylene Josephine Barnett says:

    Hello Shoo ,
    I am Jaylene and i think your a really talented writer an i love your books and illistrations
    .p.s. your comeing to my school Mitcheldean Endowed
    see you here ! :]

  7. rachelle says:

    Hi i am rachelle i am from mitcheldean scool i am in year three and i had
    a great time when you came to see our school
    from rachelle (year three)

  8. Joshua, Jacob and Mum! says:

    We really enjoyed looking at your website-the pumkin man made us all jump! Looking forward to seeing you at Hautes Capelles school in sunny Guernsey! (Well its really a bit rainy here too.) We like your books too.
    Jacob, and Joshua (and Mum)

    1. Shoo Rayner says:

      Hi Jacob, Joshua (and Mum). Pumpkinman makes everyone jump – especially me and I should know by now! Looking forward to my week. Flying out tomorrow. The Forcast had a huge thunderstorm over Guernsey as I land! Should be interesting.

  9. Heeey Shoo! It’s Savannah from youtube! Awesome website. I got 3 of your books the other day for my little brothers! They love them and have been asking for more ever since! Keep it up! 😀

  10. Eloise says:

    Hi Shoo thank you for coming to my school yesterday watermore primary school it was so much fun i’m the girl who asked you how old you were when you wrote your first book bye

  11. Olivia Parker says:

    Hi Shoo, Thank you for coming to my school, Watermore Primary School in Coalpit Heath, Bristol last week. I really enjoyed listening to you and am very excited to read your books. Please can you tell me where i can buy them near to where i live. I think your great. Love from Olivia Age 6

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