School and Library Visits

I love telling stories and drawing the pictures too!

Any audience – any age – schools, libraries, art colleges, festivals or conferences to children, students or grown-ups. I’ve a huge amount of experience in schools and you will find me fun, confident, enthusiastic and very hard-working.

Get an Author and Illustrator all in one

“… ever since your visit, Conor (8) has been at the table writing stories ! You have obviously been some sort of inspiration !”

Why invite me?

  • You know my books and enjoy them.
  • You want inspiration to read, write and draw more.
  • You want your pupils to be really excited after the visit and your library borrowings of my books to go up (and other books too)
  • Your pupils have read or studied one or more of my books
  • You want to give pupils an enjoyable, mind-broadening experience

“Today I was a helper on a class trip with my daughter for Lord Scudamore school.  I wanted to be there for my daughter and her friends but I have to say I never expected to have so much fun myself – you asked for questions and ended up explaining the anatomy of a cat!!”
The kind of events that I do

Storytelling is what I do best – I choose a book that suits the audience, explain where the ideas came from, draw the characters and “perform” the story, then it’s time for questions. I love working with infants and juniors.

Drawing Characters – Strong characters come from knowing and understanding the character. Drawing is fun and everyone can do it!

Creative planning – I’m dyslexic and visually minded, so my story planning sessions offer different ways of thinking about and planning stories.

I’m not what I call a writer – I’m a storyteller and illustrator. I don’t do writing workshops – there are many people who do, that are far better than I. But my methods are often an inspiration to those who find writing difficult as I’ve worked out my own ways of working over the years.

We’ve got this crazy idea and wondered if you’d be interested in working with us? – I’m up for most things if they are interesting – give me a call and ask.

TRAVEL – I live in the Forest of Dean – that’s on the Welsh side of the big loop in the River Severn. I’m happy to travel anywhere, home or abroad.

Booking me – I’m quite a busy person, but I do like to say yes. My schedule is quite elastic so I may just be able to fit you in. Don’t hesitate to email from this site or 01594 837386.

I charge £350 per day plus travel and accommodation expenses and VAT on top.

“We came to see you at the Library and you read us a story and drew us the Pizza Man. When we came back we were really excited and lots of us wanted to learn more about you and your books. So, last week we had an ‘Author Day’ and we spent all day talking about you and your charachters.”


One thought on “School and Library Visits

  1. Pom Ansdell says:

    Dear Shoo.
    Thank you very much for dedicating monster boy siren spell to me. I love the book. I love all your books!
    I am about to be 9 on 13th January. I support Liverpool FC.
    I play the trumpet and piano, i like sport.
    Happy New Year.
    Love from Pom.
    P.S. Are there any new books coming out soon?
    PPS! From Dad. We didn’t have your e-mail so have hope this finds you! Look forward to meeting you at Bea’s soon!

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